UVMA President’s Letter

21 May UVMA President’s Letter

Paul-ToniolliUVMA Members,

It is a fast pace world out there. Things are changing faster than we all really can keep up. There are many ways to keep up on the vast changes in veterinary medi- cine. One of the many ways we get in- formation is through education. As we work on our strategic plan for the UVMA we have developed EFAP, (Education, Fellowship, Advocacy, and Protect) as the foundation for our goals.

This is just a short note to remind all that we need 24 hours of continuing education every 2 years to keep our licenses current. * The hours can be obtained from large conferences, small conferences, and local dinner and learns, to online.** Please take the time to make sure you are up to date and have good documentation of your earned CE hours. There are also certain limits on how many can be CE, on one subject and such. One of the great things about this profession is the di- versity it has. I would like to encourage that we keep the education divers as well. Make it fun and challenge your- self.

We will be having our summer meeting on June 13th at the Hogle Zoo and are going to provide some education from our local DEA representative (in addi- tion to good food and a fun day with your family). There is always some confusion, and what seem to be “murky” issues, when it comes to the DEA and our licenses. We all work too hard to lose it or be punished for not knowing the law/ignoring the law. Many of us have been dealing a lot with some of the new laws passed (like the one pertaining to transporting dugs). Others have been fined for not knowing and/or following the law. We hope to help bring this to the front lines and keep us all better informed and our licenses safer.

We hope to see you all there!





Paul Toniolli