Practice & Equipment Listings

December 2017

Nevada, Clark County: Well-Established and Profitable!  SA practice offering conventional and holistic medicine. +/-2,400sf leasehold facility, in the end unit of an active shopping plaza. NV3.

Colorado, Boulder County: Hugh Growth Potential! Great Location! SA open less than 4 hours a day. Leasehold facility in a residential area with above-average household incomes.  CO3.

Idaho, Clearwater County: Well-Established and Growing! +/-3,600sf SA practice with real estate.  2-exam rooms. Take over this thriving practice, or expand the clinic to meet large animal needs. ID3. Ready to Sell?  Looking to Buy?  Need a Valuation? “Certified Valuation Analyst”

Contact for all three practices listed above: PS Broker 800.636.4740  (2/19)

Digital X-Ray For Sale: 2007 Innovet DXR digital x-ray machine for sale.  $6,000. Will consider offers.  Contact Drew Allen at Brickyard Animal Hospital. 801 (12/2)

AGFA CP1000 table top x-ray processor. Perfect for a small medical/veterinary office. Doesn’t need much room to utilize processor, does need electrical outlet. Best if this goes to an office that has knowledge of similar types of processor, this may need a little TLC to fine tune it. Cabinet and manual are included. Free to whomever can pick it up. (11/25)